Offset Curve Multiple Times


I’m trying to offset the curve and then, using the new curve, offset it once again…so on and so forth.
Find the screenshot below.

Is there a way to make a loop and easily setting up an amount of offset cycles?
The only way at this moment to control amount of offsets by creating a new Curve.Offset and making connection with List.Create.

Thanks for any help.

Feed a list of distances for your start distance. You can easily use some design script to build the list of distances.


Oh I got it! Thanks!
And one more thing. In my case, a very first offset of the curve should be -150 and the rest -200. As per your example, I’m getting 0. Is there another more professional way change to -150 instead?

That works, and it’s pretty efficient. You could use -200…#n-1…-200, and a List.AddItemToFront to put the -150 at the beginning, but there won’t be much of a gain there.

I really appreciate for your help and explanations. Seems like I need to read some more about how to do tricks with the lists like this.

Thank you once again @JacobSmall!


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