Need help with managing lists after running curve offset

Starting a new topic because maybe I didn’t explain myself well in the previous one.

I’m having trouble managing data through lists after running PolyCurve.Offset. Essentially, if I feed the list directly into curve.ParameterAtPoint it breaks and stops after the first point. However, if I get individual items with GetItemAtIndex I can get each param point for each offset curve. The problem is I don’t know how to loop through each item in the list so i can get all the point parameters. It must be the lists but I can’t figure out what. I’ve tried flattening, levels, chopping, &mapping.

Adding dynamo script if it’s helpful.
Paver Path Array MOD.dyn (475.3 KB)

Anyone… ?

Your screenshot doesn’t give much information. If you’re splitting a topic (because the question has changed) it’s best to link that previous topic as well, assuming it provides more information into the current situation. There’s just really not much to go off of what you’ve shown here.

Also, please be patient. Your post has only been up for 4 hours. I know that can feel like a long time while you’re waiting, but most people are here on the forums providing help purely out of the goodness of their heart. Most of us are also working and spending our time on our own problems.

No problem. Thanks Nick

The graph looks modified compared to the screenshot, so I stripped the screenshot down for a starting point:

@Robert_Younger this worked! I’m curious what was going on with the lists that you think I missed so I can improve my workflow in the future? If I understood correctly, the curves were on Level 1and the points for each curve were being distributed along Level 2. Does this seem correct? Thank you so much once again!

Paver Path Array MOD.dyn (461.1 KB)

@Robert_Younger Can I call on your advice one more time. I must be doing the same mistake again when pushing the list into the SetFamilyRotation

Paver Path Array MOD.dyn (416.4 KB)

@Robert_Younger I think I got it to work but I wouldn’t mind your feedback. I noticed the FamilyPlaceInstance and the vector line were using two different lists for locating the starting point so I grabbed the start point for the line/vector and copied it into the location for the family instance. Does this make sense?

Thanks again!

Paver Path Array MOD.dyn (239.0 KB)

Test Paver Path Array.rvt (568 KB)