Offset a Complex Surface

Here is a simple-ish example of doing a practical modeling operation that doesn't exist in Revit or Vasari...

So I made this fancy-pants surface with double curvature and I wanted to create an offset copy. Out of the box, there is no good way to do this kind of modeling operation in Vasari, but we can build our own tool with a little Dynamo elbow-grease.

Sure beats waiting for features in future releases, right?

Tell me about it. I rarely do anything "fun" at work ;) But that's what the weekends are for I guess (such an exciting life after work!).

Hi Dave; I get it work too but didn’t post then. This example helped me a lot in my Dynamo’s learning curve. Not enouhg time to play with it though.

Julien, I recreated this example using the first image and it works. It was cool to see the "unit" points at the origin that are essential to the offset/scaling exercise, which is only visible in Dynamo.

Hi Nathan, thanks for this useful example. I guess you used a function to transpose the list, and it's actually missing in the dyn file you've uploaded: would you mind sharing information about how to make it? still n00b in Dynamo....:)

thanks again