Offset points in dynamo

Hi all,

I am new to the dynamo and was wondering how to offset points generated from the solid.centroid in a perpendicular way from the surface of the elements?


Hi jpmuccini welcome to the forum, here is with the solids centroid

Thanks for looking at that for me sovitek
I set up the same script here but no luck, would you be able to tell me what I did wrong?

Could you share the file…so i will take a look

Sure, see attached
Offset points.dyn (12.0 KB)

Sorry i mean the Revit file or just a file with the wall geometry

I am having trouble in uploading the Revit file as it exceed the maximum size permitted. But the project is just a basic four walls project.

Alright if you want you could use filetransfer, becourse here is just works fine

Are your walls build on a mass ?

link below to revit file. Thanks again!

Does something like this work for you

Offset points.dyn (24.0 KB)

It worked! Thanks, much appreciated, sovitek.

Great, apparently something wrong with the wall orientation node from Clockwork…but strange becourse here is just works fine

That’s weird, could it be the case that I need to download the latest clockwork package?

Probably…I know this node had some limits, with walls build on mass, but it shouldnt be the case here

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