Datas list organisation - Get walls for each rooms

Hi everybody!
I would like to obtain walls for each room but i have some issues to merge datas together especially because i have more walls datas than rooms… and i need to identify the right room with the right walls… I’m not happy with the result i got with the list.combine note because i have the area attach to the wall type in the same row.
Does anyone have an idea to merge room name with area and walls type i obtain with room.boundaries node?


Hi @r.machicot,

The result you want in excel isn’t very clear but here is an example :


Thank you Alban, that’s exactly what i wanted to do. I learnt a lot with your script but i obtain more walls than i have in real. I think it comes from the list.takeitems node and the count one.
For example, room.boundaries node got me 8 walls and 1 floor (for the first room) then list.takeitems node count 57 items for the first room, identified as nul.
Do you know why? Did i use list.takeitems in a wrong way?

Hi Romain,

You’re right. My test file wasn’t appropriate.
For a real project, you have to set on longest the lacings of the Count and List.TakeItems nodes.

Thank you for your reply, but i’m sorry i don’t understand what it means. Could you please explain me more?
(do you speak french?)

The language of the forum is english.
I will send you a private message in french.

thank you!

is it now possible to combine the same wall types and calculate the total wall area by room?