ObjectByGeometry node broken


In C3D 2022 after a few runs with a quite big, but not really that big script, that creates about 500 solids the OOTB ObjectsByGeometry node “broke”: Run time ircreased drastically and the node outputs are all nulls and no Acad objects are created.
After that, every run with any script in any drawings, even with C3D 2021, that contain the node produces the same issue. I tried restarting everything, restore settings to default, but that doesn’t help either.
I need some time to make the bigger script share friendly, until then I made a basic script that shows the problem.
Any ideas?

Hi @kovacsv,

Does it work with objects that aren’t solids? Also, could you try cleaning your temp folder?

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Hi @mzjensen ,

Thank for the quick reply. The temp folder was full of 0 byte tmp files (65 000), deleting them solved the problem. But it seems, that after every run even with the sample script from the gif above, I guess for each object, a tmp file is created, and I’m not sure if it is normal behaviour or not, but for an avarage user, let’s say for someone that uses my script, could cause problems. Any ideas how to handle this issue or what causes this?

I’m not sure the technical reason behind it, but it is the normal behavior.

As for a solution, I guess you could either add a disclaimer to those using the script to clean out their user temp folders if any issues arise, or perhaps write a Python node to clean it automatically if you want to go that route.