NurbsCurve.ByPoints FAILS

I am trying to have the NurbCurve go through the following points, but it fails for some reason.
Please see attached Image and Dynamo file and point out my mistakes.

Curve Through Points.dyn (37.7 KB)

Is it because you have a null in your list flatten?

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Yeah, and another flatten is needed…

It’s because the lists didn’t have the same length when they were transposed…

Hope that’s useful,


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That’s a bit neater.

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Thank you guys!
I have tried both List.RemoveItemAtIndex and List.FilterByBoolMask + Object.IsNull and they all worked perfectly. Now I have added a few more nodes to my dynamo vocabulary.
What package is Clear List from?


Archi-Lab; It’s a good package with a lot of useful nodes. :slight_smile:

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