NurbsCurve.ByControlPoints can you bake them?

Is there any way to actually build the NURBS geometry in the conceptual massing space? Or if its not possible to build a spline by control points, is there at least a way to do it through interpolated points? Perhaps I am just not looking in the right library but I don’t see anything that can do this.

Hello Theodore Hogan,

If I understood correctly, you wanted to create NurbsCurve.ByPoints in Dynamo and then wanted to transfer that curve in Revit, is that right?

If yes, then you can try following workflow shown in below image.






Thanks, I was sure it had to be something simple like that. I really appreciate it!!

Thanks Theodore Hogan

Keep using Dynamo and don’t hesitate to post Simple issues as well, we are happy to help our users.


you can also do this


Is there a way to create a closed NURBS curve within Dynamo? I’ve played around with the ‘NurbsCurve.ByControlPoints’ node but I am getting the ‘line is too short’ error. Is there any limitations as to where (project or conceptual mass environment) that a closed NURBS curve can be created?

I’ve tried this methodology by referencing in a *dwg but it is coming in as two curves. Is there a way to join these back together into one closed NURBS curve? Basically I’m trying to create a NURBS floor which currently isn’t possible natively within Revit. Thoughts?


Hello Paul Wintour,

We do have option to create Closed Nurbs curve. (see attached graph.)

Please provide picture of your graph mentioning what is your expected Results, I will provide you a solution.




Revit does not create closed NURBS curves, this is a limitation of the geometry tools in that product. Dynamo can create closed nurbs, but you will need to break them into 2 pieces in order to create Revit elements from them.

Hi Zach_Kron

Can you zoom your snapshot and post, it is not clear.

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