Split the curves exactly at Plane

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Is there a way to split the curve exactly at the Surface as shown in the picture. The curves are NURBS and I am trying to loft them in Revit.


@Raja You can use Geometry.Split

However, if the cutting geometry doesn’t pass through the start point of closed curves, splitting gives you 3 curves

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Hi @Vikram_Subbaiah,

Thanks for your reply. Yes you are right if the start point of the curves doesnt pass through the plane then it explodes in to three parts. So i have to split my curves in Rhino and bring it here.

I searched the forums and found that here in this link the NURBS curves cannot be closed in Revit but could be closed in Dynamo.

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You could do some work after the split operation to join any successive curves. Archilab Grimshaw package has a node that groups all joinable curves into sublists. You may then be able to pass those lists to a Polycurve.byJoinedCurves node. If the latter node doesn’t do nurbs, you may be able to reconstruct by extracting the nurbs control points and rebuilding the curves by points.


Thanks @Nick_Curtis that was really helpful. I did try reconstructing the curve using nurbs control points but didn’t know about the Archilab Grimshaw package, that filled the void in this method.

You could also try grouping curves using the Design Script code I’ve posted here

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Thanks @Vikram_Subbaiah, I used the Design Script node, since I use some packages from Archi-Lab and some other, this warning shows up


so I just replaced List in your Code to DSCore.List to avoid ambiguity and it works great :slight_smile:

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