NURBs Curves And Geometry

Hi everyone

I been working recently with Dynamo, im creating some form based on Nurb Curves, i use splines in a Mass in Revit plataform, and then i select the splines in Dynamo add points to the lines so i can control them and by using points i create nurb curves:


However i have 2 questions or problems with this:

1.-How can i create a mass form in dynamo, in a line (basic Revit mass form or adaptive components), as if i create a spline in revit, add a point, draw a rectangle, and create form.

2.-i have this warning message that nurbsCurves require at least 2 points for intepolation. It looks like the form works fine, so i dont really understand the reason for the text.

3.-Is i find the way to solve this, any tips to export the mass to revit


here is the image of the problem
Dynamo Curves

hey everyone

I found that the problem might be just a bug, for the nurb curves

I got the anwser to create the geometry thanks to
<h3 style=“font-weight: 500;”>Dimitar Venkov</h3>
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Cheers man the process was a little bit different

Dynamo Curves 1