Nurbcurves on surface

Hey Guys, i put this script together, wich helps put nurbcurves on a surface, alligned to each other.

Nurbcurves V 1.4.dyn (51.1 KB)
For some reason that i cant figure out, it does not place all the lines on some of the surfaces??

Cant really figure out what is happening, maybe some one has an idea? :slight_smile:
Did upload a file, with the geometry, so you guys can give it a try if you like Ceiling.rvt (2.6 MB)

Thx i advantage.

@Phanse17 Model Curves need to be planar, some of your nurbs curves probably aren’t.
See if it works if you use Curves.ApproximateWithArcAndLineSegments on the nurbs curves before attempting to create model lines in Revit.

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That worked, like a charm Vikram… Some days, you are my personal Hero :slight_smile:

But, all the curves, get divided in to small lines, now, is there a way to make them in to one curve again? :slight_smile:

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