Curves on surface

Hey Evryone :slight_smile:

im having a bit of trouble… Any ideas are very welcome. I have this Surface as shown on the picture


As you can see, i placed a model line, at the bottom edge. The thing im working toward, is offsetting this line, on the surface.

Im having big troubles getting anywhere with this, if anyone can point at any direction then it would be apreciated big time

The end result i need, is lines on the surface, all the way from bottom to top, so i can use these for sweeping some profiles. But that is a diffrent story. For now i just want to make the model lines.

I uploaded the script aswell, even tough its not near the result im looking for…Row.dyn (3.7 KB)

Hoping anybody can help out, with a work method for this, thank you guys, and have a good weekend :smile:

@Phanse17 See if this helps…

PS: When a definition that references Revit elements is attached, make sure you also attach a stripped down Revit file


Thx Vikram, that takes me some of the way… But how do you find the coordinates??

The distance between the curves need to be the same?

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@Phanse17 It would be good if you could upload files that show the geometry you’re working with.

Which coordinates? You’ll need to explain yourself better.

If the top edge and bottom edge are parallel, the iso curves will be parallel . If they aren’t, they will be equidistant.

The coordinates, you put in to the codeblock, how do you determine them?

The isocurves im working with is not parallel. But i still need the isocurves to be. SO that they will fade in to the top.

Do you know any working methods to do that? :slight_smile: You need a little patients with me :wink:

Those coordinates were only served the purpose of constructing a sample surface.
Not relevant to the actual issue.

In that case you might consider intersecting the surface with planes that are placed parallel and at distances at which you want the curves. Intersection between plane and surface should give you a curve.

Sure, but it would still help if you elaborate with files and graphics :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe i will upload some layer today, Thx for the help so far, Im still learning this workflow😊

Ceiling.rvt (1.3 MB)

Hey @Vikram_Subbaiah i now uploaded the geometry.

So as we spoke of, the idea was to from the bottom edge to extract curves following the bottom curve, parralel to each other.

You was talking about the idea of creating planes, that intersect with the geometry?

Hey i did come up with this, that can do what i was looking for. Still it would be nice if it would cut lines, that exceed the geometry, any toughts about that issue? Nurbcurves.dyn (14.0 KB)

And a picture to help understanding :slight_smile:

@Phanse17 Extended your graph a bit, the output should now be as expected…
Nurbcurves.dyn (28.3 KB)


Thats just awesome… Thx a lot Vikram :slight_smile: