Numbering parameter family

I am new to the world of dynamo.
I apologize beforehand for my very bad English.
I’m trying to

based on several parameters.
(number of items in the list, start number, increment and prefix)

But I can not,
can you help me thanks in advance

Note: The python code keeps the order of the selection

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Please show this python script also and see first if existing resources can not help:

Yes of course


Did you already see existing resources about how to manage lists? These links can help you to get started for instance:

Please try something and send your attempts or at least a preliminary schema that shows how you aim to organize the data.

I have read the different links, but I still do not understand the subtlety like for example the loopwhile.

I want a loop of the node in green a number of times determined by the output of the list.count

Thank you for your patience

You’re welcome. Here are some good links about LoopWhile:

Hi. I’m sure you can accomplish this with loopwhile. But I think there might be a simpler approach.
Not sure exactly what’s your end goal but take a look at this:


@franck.pradal You very rarely would need to resort to using Loop While
Here is an example that might be similar to what you’re trying to do…
Sequence.dyn (10.6 KB)

A great Thanks Vikram_Subbaiah, I finally realized my first program Dynamo.
The end result perfectly meets my expectations
I have not yet figured out how to use LoopWhile, I think the path will be long but I persevere;)

Thank you all for your help

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