Keeping List Structure

Hi! I got a script in Dynamo in which I have a problem with my list structure. Is there a way to get the Addition-node to create the list with index “2” as with as many items as in “Point Z”-list?

Been testing all different kind of lacings and levels but does not seem to get it to work!

@Sampa does changing y input to @L2 in the addition node work?

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Hi Kai, thanks for your suggestion! But sadly no, that doesn’t work. The difference in my case compared to yours is that mine has Equal amount of lists (see my picture with list index “2” just with one item) but unequal number of items.

I found it now, appearantly this is how to do it!


that’s the one

Oh nice, thank you!

I found as I posted that using L1 on both and “keeping list structure” from the input with the right amount of items also did the job!

Thanks for your effort, much appreciated!

Nice yes sorry my image is little misleading…Not sure why mine doesn’t show the @@L list structure and only shows @L1.

New issue, same topic. That solution did only work in cases where the mismatch was in the end.

Now I get the problem that Dynamo just goes from top to bottom without considering the list-indexes.

Is there a way to tell Dynamo to work with the lists with the same index number? Hope my picture explains my thought.

I messed around using replication guides in a code block. Does this accomplish your goal?


Yes it surely does! Amazing Frank! Many thanks for your help! :slight_smile: