Number Slider with Revit 2023.1.2

Hi all,

since I update my Revit 2023 to version 2023.1.2 I’m experiencing a very strange but to the Number slider. In short, it is not possible to control because the slider is changing the ‘Max’ value.
Here is a GIF to better understand:

Anyone has encountered this issue and can help me to fix it? This was not happening in Revit V2023.


@g.dotto ,

check out this topic



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Thanks, to the people who end on this post, it is a known bug.
I hope that Dynamo 2.17 will arrive soon with this fixed.

@g.dotto ,

i had it already 5min ago in Revit 2023

Sorry, what do you mean? I update Revit just yesterday and with it also Dynamo.
If there is a way to have a fixed version of Dynamo for Revit please let us know.

Revit 2024 should give you Dynamo 2.17. What version of Dynamo are you running?

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Hello, the designers fixed this in v 2.17

see here

Release Notes · DynamoDS/Dynamo Wiki · GitHub

a potential transitional solution

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Thank @christian.stan for the report and the transitional solution.
@jacob.small , the version of Dynamo is the 2.16.1 which came together with Revit 2023.1.2

How to install the Dynamo V 2.17 on Revit 2023?

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I don’t think this is potentially possible but if the answer is yes I’ll look carefully

You don’t. Until there is a Revit 2023 update this can’t be resolved. Please submit a support ticket to the Revit support team at

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Hi for anyone watching this thread, the Dynamo team is working on a hotfix on top of the 2.16.1 release to be included in the next Revit 2023.1 hotfix. We will keep you updated later.


The Dynamo 2.16.2 hotfix is out and includes a few critical bug fixes, see release notes at Release Notes · DynamoDS/Dynamo Wiki · GitHub. The next Revit 2023.1 hotfix should include it for you.