Number slider issue

Hi all,

When using the number slider as input for a dynamo player script, the preset value seems to be wrong in the player.

Below my preset value in Dynamo:

In the Dynamo player input it either shows nothing, or the preset value without a decimal point.
image. The value it starts with is also wrong

Seems like this is caused by my decimals?

The step also doesn’t work with a decimal point it seems


This appears to be working correctly in the latest version of Player (and GD) - what version of Revit and Player are you running? What version of Dynamo?


Neal, QA for the team

Hi Neal,

I am using Dynamo Revit (Dynamo Core and Revit 2022.1.3


Unfortunately this is a known issue with that version. Are you able to upgrade to Revit 2023? It is fixed there.



Wow that’s unfortunate…
We are not able to upgrade to Revit 2023 for all of our existing projects, so that’s a bummer…