Number Slider weirdness in v14 / 15

For some reason when dragging a number slider the values go berzerk, i.e. instaed of stopping at 100 (0-100 step 0.1) they go to crazy high values, and the slider is somehow out of sync with the cursor.
I have this in Win11 with Versions .14 and .15., but in 2.13 it works ok.
Is this a known issue or user error somehow ?

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Hi @sniken

Can you post a screenshot of the behavior you are seeing?
As well as the specific Dynamo Version and (if applicable) host application (Sandbox, Revit,C3D, etc).

when I move the slider the value explodes…
(sandbox 2.15/win11)

@ashish.ganta FYI - I wonder if this is a bug in WPF when running in windows 11.

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I have the same problem.
sandbox 2.15 / win 10

But only when the step is not an integer.
Otherwise it behave normaly…


i can confirm that! i think it is bug…



there is a more indepth discussion of this issue here:

Not fixed in 2.16 ?…. :face_with_monocle:

in my side, the bug persist in Dynamo 2.16

bug Slider

my config

thanks for continuing to report this issue all, we’ve tracked it down to this change - Fix the API call to update the value on the slider. by reddyashish · Pull Request #12786 · DynamoDS/Dynamo · GitHub
looking for a fix for both issues.

should be fixed:

Thank you Michael,

is there a recommended Sandbox version/Build that has:

  • fixed the number slider issue
  • ability to make geometry


no, not at the current time - this fix is in 2.17 builds, but so is the update to a new unreleased geometry kernel.

Is it true that the latest revit hotfix now installs dynamo 2.16.1

…and still has the slider bug ?

Hi, I still have this problem V2.16.1