"Number From Feet and Inches" Bug?

I am trying to enter the value 3/32" into the Number From Feet and Inches Node. Every time I do this, the number automatically changes itself to 7/64"…can anyone look into this. I am using the node to change text size values.

I can replicate the issue on the latest daily. It seems the node is trying to automatically round numbers to the power of 2?

Now that Dynamo doesn’t support units any more, here’s how I’d convert a foot and inch string into mm:


def ft2mm(s1,sp1,f1)
foot = 304.8;
inch = 25.4;
s2 = String.Split(s1,{"’",sp1,"/"});
s3 = __Apply(f1,s2);
r1 = s3[0]*foot + s3[1]*inch;
r2 = s3[0]*foot + s3[1]/s3[2]*inch;
return = Count(s3) == 2 ? r1 : r2;


To answer your question about entering an " as a string in CB: just format it like this: “”". Good luck!

Thanks Konrad. With the above knowledge, we can further streamline the DS solution like so: