Entering Negative Value in 'Number from Feet and Inches' Node

Hello! (This is seen in both 1.3 (on 2019) and Revit 2020.1

I have a simple script that will move selected elements a specified distance, via the Number from Feet and Inches built-in node for X and Y, and it’s working just fine inside dynamo. When trying to edit inputs via Dynamo Player, however, I see the following issues:

  1. I can enter the distance as [feet][space][inches] and it converts to [feet]’-[inches]" fine, just like in Revit.
  2. If I enter -[feet][space][inches], it converts to the correct format, but changes the length to +.
  3. If I enter -[inches]", it changes the display of the number to +, but the elements move in the negative direction, as expected.

Is there a way to get the - sign to show up in Player, and remain when entering lengths as [feet][space][inches]?

I would first test which values start with a - using a String.StartsWith node (https://dictionary.dynamobim.com/#/Core/String/Action/StartsWith). Then feed that into an if statement to return either -1 or 1, and multiply that value by the result of the Number From Feet and Inches (which i thought was in Springs and a few other packages).

As a single code block it would look something like this, where str is the original feet inch value and val is the converted value:
String.StartsWith(str, "-1", true) ? val * -1 : val;

Thanks for the comments, this will be helpful in the future.

However, this seems to be a bug in the Number from Feet and Inches node when used as an input in Dynamo Player. Functionally, it’s doing what it’s supposed to.