Meters to Feet Inches notation, like X' Y"?

Hello everyone
Is there a way to convert length in meters to feet and inches denotation? Like 32’ 4", 7’ 1" etc. ?
I tried making this but I don’t know how to attach ’ and " symbol to the end of strings based on the resulting length equals 7’, 10’ and 8’, 12" etc. I think python is the answer to this problem? Meters to Feet

Hi Shrikant,

I think that a quick DS function could help as well. The below needs to be refined a bit but I think it captures the gist of it:


Hi Dimitar,

Following ur DS function I tried applying my logic. For some strange reason Dynamo spits out numbers with unwanted decimals when “rounded” in DS functions. But the same thing gives a nice single number when rounded within a codeblock. I sure hope there’s a better way to get around this or maybe this is some kinda bug? I think this conversion frm meters to Feet Inches should be straightforward enough?