Not getting parameter for all items


Sorry to bother you again.

I’m getting closer.

  1. problem: I can’t return the value in to the element parameter. I only get the value for the room in level 0-A

But it I use a codeBlock it is no problem.

And 2. problem: All item gets the same level(name), see “String Remover” and “Code Block”

I think problem 2 will solve problem 1.

The problem is with your list structure. Try reconnecting the graph like so:


Try changing “Lacing to Longest” for “Element.SetParameter” node. To change lacing right click on “Element.SetParameter” node. Good Luck!


Thank you all.

that works. BUT…

I got a new “problem”.

I got a very big building. Buildings in a building. This is what(I’m dreaming of) I want in my room number?

1: Building number (1-6)

2: Level (0-4)

3: Room number (01-99) The room number must have zero at the first. 01, 02, 03… 09, 10, 11…

4: I want to give the roomnumber according to the room bounding (x or z point)

Example room number: 6.409(6=Building, 4=Level, 09=roomnuber)

Is this possible? Or maby I’m getting my hopes to high…

I understand if it is to much or to much of a timekiller.