Get All Rooms Parameter

Hi there,

Does anyone knows how to get all parameter of a category?

I tried in this way, but it just get one element. I think the way I have been trying is correct…, but obviously I am missing something.

Thank you very much.



Explore Lacing (by right clicking on the node)

Mate, you are a genius.

I did not think about cross product lacing.

May I ask what it is the different between them?

Thank you very much.



You can learn more about lists and lacing here

Thank you very much for the link. It is really helpful. However I need help again. In this case I am not sure if it is possible. I guess so, but I can not figure out how can I sort the problem out. Basically as you told, I got all the parameter and sorted the list and then I wrote a excel,till this point everything is fine. However, I am trying to read a excel with all the parameter at the same time. I know I can do it by specifics names…, but I do not want to be worry about new parameter and so on. So I tried, but I couldn’t make it work. If you or anyone can have a chance to give me some advice I will really appreciate. Thank you in advance Attached dynamo files: put the info back by reading excel get all parameter with title 1 2

Try ‘List clean’. The nulls might be giving you the error

Thank you Paul,

I thought the same, but it did not work.

However because you got the same feeling I tried again… but nothing…

Another thought?

are all 3 lists all the same length?

I don’t think you want to use list.transpose after the list.deconstruct. I think you want to feed the values in by element, not be parameter.

This should help direct you…


“readAsStrings” may has problem, since room area unit can not be string type, please check.

Hi all, First thing: Thank you for your time. Regarding about your comments. Tim; List.Transpose: You are right, it is not needed, just I was playing because I did not figure out, what the problem was and is. Vikram: It looks perfect, and I think it is the same I have, or I am missing something? ReadasString: Yes, you are right, however dynamo will overwrite the other values. You will get the node with advice but, the parameter which can be overwrite Dynamo will do it. You can try it with “getindex”. You will see. I don’t know what is going on? My feeling is the mistake is the “blue mark”, but I do not know how to fix it, as if I use list flatten is not going to work as far as I know obviously. Thanks again for your time. If you want to tried… I attached the dynamo

file in the last comment.