Element.get parameter value by name glitch

Hello all,

I am running into a small little glitch where when I run my graph and it works fine up until it gets to this element.get parameter value by name and it’s weird, it shows “none” rather the actually information that is in each view. Now, it works when I disconnect, run it then reconnect and then run again, does anyone have any idea of how to fix this or reason why this is happening?


Hi @patrick_podeyn

Looks like you don’t have scope box applied to your ceiling plans. Do you have scope box in your ceiling plans?

Hi @Kulkul

Thank you for your response. I do have scope boxes assigned to the reflected ceiling plans.

Again, when I disconnect from that element.get parameter, run it then reconnect and run again it works.


Can you post the script? Or at least the part of it that’s giving you trouble?

@nickaburnett Sure thing, here it is. CreateDependentViews.dyn (76.1 KB)