Not Getting All the Block Reference in Document

I am trying to get all the Block References of a Block on the Title Block Layer in a document. But I am getting an empty list when using all objects of the type node. Can someone,

please help with that.

The ‘block’ input port of the last node needs a reference to the space (ModelSpace or PaperSpace).

You can get all Block References in a certain space (not whole drawing). I think you need another approach for that.

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Try this approach
In my title block I added two types of block references, one named circle and one named rectangle, Then I added to title block as a Block instead of Model Space or Paper Space.

And then you can continue to filter out the correct Block reference

Still getting an empty list can you please suggest?

I am not sure but I think I model space is giving me all the blocks present in it. Where as what I am looking for is the all the reference of a block inside a document.

Inside the dwg? Do you mean both in model and in paperspace?

That is what I said :slight_smile: You need a different approach.

Instead of a single block (PaperSpace or ModelSpace) you need to feed it with a list of Layouts. You need the Camber package for this to create a list of Layout blocks.

With the list of Block References you can filter this by name to find the title blocks.

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