Block reference with attributes

I have placed several elements of an attribute block in a civil3d project with the BlockReference.Create node. Now I want to get the list of an attribute to make a summation, example attribute Price. Can somebody help me? thanks!

Hi @ramallafre - try something like this.

Thanks for your quick response, but in my case, the content keeps coming out empty … Dynamo recognizes my attributes. The Price has a default value of 25. Then the list of values of the attribute comes out empty.
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Hi @ramallafre

Could you drop dwg file here?

Did you already run ATTSYNC?

Don’t know about this function :slight_smile: … Now it works for me! … Thank you very much :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks… ATTSYNC is the solucion for me now

Now I have another problem. When I have already put the block references and I try to change the value of a parameter (price), it does not update this value in the reference blocks :(. I try with the AttSync command, but it does not seem that this command works for that either. Also with a REGEN, but nothing happens. Do you know why or how to update them? Thanks

Are you changing the attribute value in Dynamo or in Civil 3D?

I have a solution, modify the attribute of the reference with “BlockReference.SetAttributeByTag” from Dynamo
It is not my initial idea, but it is a solution

in Civil 3d don t work

Try to disconnect and reconnect the Document.Current node to force an update.

thanks, but don t work neither :frowning:

Dynamo is de way - BlockReference.SetAttributeByTag