Non-Revit tutorials for beginners

Does anyone have links to Dynamo tutorials that don’t reference Revit? I’m a Civil 3D user trying to break into Dynamo.

While currently Dynamo for C3D seems pretty limited in usefulness (from what I see), I can sense the scope and power of what it could be with some further updates from Autodesk (and some serious training on the part of the user), so I would like to stay ahead of the curve on this.

Trouble is, practically every tutorial or training resources I search for (mainly on YT and Lynda) is Revit related–which is of no use for me; I don’t have nor have I ever even used Revit. So I can’t even use those tutorials to get familiar with Dynamo in a general sense and then “pivot” into Civil 3D usage.

Any resources out there that are strictly related to working with geometry, lists, maths, etc.? (I’ve given up on looking for Dynamo for Civil 3D tutorials just yet. Its obvious the Civil 3D application is just too young to have much good material for learning.)


Yeah, one of my grips is that so much of the training material out there is so Revit focused. When I train users who are new to Dynamo I typically don’t even open a host application until about halfway through the course.

Many of the exercises in the Dynamo Primer don’t require Dynamo for Revit. So definitely start there. A lot of the stuff that uses Revit can be circumvented if you think it over.

There is also a lot of content from AU but you’re right that you will have to wade through a lot of Revit focused items.

Lastly, you also have the capability to download a trial of Revit and use that to follow along with the other tutorials you have found. Not the best as you’ll have a time limit, but it should help.


Hello James,

Have you seen this thread? [WEBINAR] Dynamo for Civil 3D: Transportation and Site Design

It’s a webinar by @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 on Dynamo inside Civil 3D - Beginner focused I believe.

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Thanks Jacob, I had overlooked the Dynamo Primer. I will absolutely go through that more than once. A little more digging on Youtube has found a couple of Dynamo videos focused on general, non-Revit usage. I’ll just have to keep my eyes peeled.
If anyone has any other good resources, feel free to post them in this thread. I will do the same as I find them.

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