Can you suggest me a paid or free course to learn dynamo for civil 3d?

i am a new dynamo for civil 3d user and i was looking for a video based course to learn dynamo
thanks much

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Either the Dynamo primer at, or maybe check out @GavinCrump on youtube.


Thanks Sean!

To elaborate, my videos are mostly architectural focused so they don’t relate entirely to Civil3d unfortunately. Having said that, my learning course on YouTube might help;

Dynamo for Civil3d is a bit lacking in my experience, it relies on the user writing in Python to do a fair few things vs Dynamo for Revit, but it does still have quite a few tools available still. I’d suggest identifying workflows you wish to automate or undertake, and use these to guide your learning journey instead of just following what other courses tell you to learn about.

I’ll be releasing a paid course for Dynamo (Revit, architecture focus) either late this year or early next which will be far more polished and up to date/thorough vs my free course. Keep an eye on my channel or LinkedIn - I’ll send the signal when the time comes!


@GavinCrump I appreciate the feedback about Dynamo for Civil 3d. What do you think think about the Civil 3d Toolkit?


@engsalam10 I teach a live online 4 hour Dynamo for Civil 3D Course through MG-AEC every month, link here: Course is listed as Dynamo for Civil, box is towards the bottom under ‘Visualization’ for some reason. It is meant as an intro to Dynamo, How to use Dynamo for Civil as well as making sure you download the Civil 3D Toolkit by Paolo which is great. We go through about 4 really useful scripts and give some fundamentals to create your own.

Obviously at 4 hours it does’nt teach everything there is to know, it is meant mostly to give you the confidence to explore what you can do and guide you through learning the base ins and outs.