Saving REVIT families with Dynamo

This thread about how to save families from a project is super helpful, or at least has the potential to be, except that I get the strange error quoted below when I try to output a series of 15 mech families. I had big plans to rename them before exporting but this is a bit of a snag before I even got that far. This is on the latest Orchid Node Package download today on Dynamo 2.0.2 and REVIT 2018.3.

It is exporting some families perfectly fine; perfect smoothly; then fails on families with the “loaded family” parameter.

Warning: File.SaveFamily operation failed.
This family is in-place and is not supported for editing.
Parameter name: loadedFamily

As the error states, in place families can’t be opened / saved like regular loaded rfa families. You will need to filter these from your list before trying to save out.

Top Tip! :star2: I will check that when I have the file open next.

Should look at this.

Filter out the in place families with Filter by Book Mask. Good luck!!!

Got it.