Get all elements from linked model


I’m using the note from Archi-lab ‘get all elements from linked model’, but I get this error message:


I tried input in the linkdoc: ‘RevitLinkInstance’ and ‘LinkDoc’ also from archi-lab. Anyone an idea how to solve this issue in the custom node from Archi-lab?

Change the lacing to the doc to @L1

@Daniel_Hurtubise thanks for trying, its still the same…

Did you have a look at this?

Might be a error in the custom Node(?).

Also, some other Packages got a similar Node.
See here (Data Shapes, Bimorph, RIE, Springs). You can try one of those too.

Get rid of the List.Create node. There’s no reason to create a list, plus, the custom node expects a single category. The list is what’s giving you the error.

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