Node for new location



I am trying to move the scope box to a specific point location.

What node should I use?


Definitely, an uphill battle (or impossible) because the Revit API is very limited in terms of scope boxes. Perhaps someone might have a solution, but I thought I would let you know.


It’s doable, though sometimes this out of the box method will throw an error relative to attempting to perform an action outside of a transaction (I can’t recreate it the issue appears to be random). To keep that issue from happening I wrote a little python that may or may not perform more consistently (modified the Element.CopyByVector node in Clockwork).

Due to the vague nature of the question I was not sure how you are defining the point you want to move from and to (scope boxes consist of lines not points). To prove the concept I assumed a centroid but you may want to use a min point or a max point. Adjust the script as needed to suit your needs.

Modify outside of transaction ERROR

@npan Here is another possible way to move section.

DYN file here Move Section Box(Kulkul).DYN (8.1 KB)

Moving an element using centroid

Thank you everyone!
This helps me a lot .


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