No 3D view toggle button


I opened Dynamo on a spare computer to run some tests and the 3D toggle view button is not there? Can someone advice how to make it appear?

Hello @Haziq_J …think you just need set your preview…

Hi @sovitek, thanks for the quick response. I tried that but the drop down box doesn’t appear. The other options are also greyed out

After another look I realised the drop down box for available previews appears on the left, overlapping the dropdown box of “View” so I did not see it initially. However, the “Default Background Preview” is still greyed out. Is there any reason for this?

Hi all, I have fixed my problem but I am not sure which of the two following things I did actually rectified the issue as I did them both at the same time.

  1. Outdated NVDIA driver see

  2. DirectX 10 for Dynamo 2.7 and below → download Download DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) from Official Microsoft Download Center

Also, I did not realise the problem was fixed as I expected the 3D toggle button to appear right after the actions stated above, but I actually had to go to View > Background > Available Previews to see that the 3D background preview is no longer greyed out.