Next step, emulating Grids from one floor to another, how do grids work?

So I’m digging into building a routine (I can’t seem to find a tool that will do this instead) that will read the grid line information off an existing view to apply the coordinates to the grid on the next level. and so on.
(This has been a HUGE pet peeve of mine with Revit for years, that grid appearance can’t be copied up on a project setup.)

What I’m seeing in Dynamo is the grid only has one stored XYZ location per grid line. When I jump up to the floor above with the default grid arrangement, the coordinates are different.

I can see a conflict right off the bat, as I’m not trying to create additional grids, I need to modify the values already associated with the view. I was able to pull the XYZ data off of a view using Grid.Curve and parameters for the grid names, basically have all the input I need, I just need to figure out the output part.

(Values are simply being dumped to Excel because it’s an easy place to store the values outside of Dynamo, as when you change the active level and run the script again, it will update to the new values. I want to apply the existing values to the new view. I see this built on a per view basis as floor plan layouts change up a building pretty often anymore.)

I probably don’t understand your intensions, but have you tried the Propagate Extents in Revit?


Are you looking to “SET” your grids to be the same for all floors

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@Kulkul yeah, but on a flexible basis, where it would record the grid locations on the current view, then apply them on a different view. I found a 3rd party plug in that does an OK job, but that’s not as fun as making it myself.

I just can’t seem to find anything that "SET"s the grid locations after recording them.

@Jason_Parker what is the name of the 3rd party plugin?

I don’t understand what is your end goal.

The plug-in is put together by Kiwi codes.

Item #79

I want to be able to record the endpoints of a grid after it’s been cleaned up, then restore those points to a different view.

During a project setup, I currently build the grid they way I want it to appear on level 1. As I build each level, when you create a new floor plan, Revit OOTB propagates the grid upward, but not the physical appearance of it. (Bubble heads checked on or off, line lengths, etc.) Since they’re technically Vectors, it seems to show the ‘lines’ randomly floor to floor as you create more floor plans even though the plane is continued up from the floor below. (The propagate extents previously commented.)

I tend to readjust all the lines and bubbles on every floor all the way up a high rise. I just want to record the “look” of the grid lines and bubbles, and restore it to another floor. AKA take level 1 grid appearance and duplicate it on Level 2.

So I can find all the points associated to the grid appearance with the screenshot above, I just can’t seem to find a node that can write to them.

The top grid in the screenshot above shows a “prepped” grid, with heads on, offsets, line lengths all the same length. The bottom grid is a “New Floor Plan”
(Unfortunately, I already set this job up, so the grids aren’t being as severely ugly on this pass as they were originally on project setup.)

I’d like to take the recorded values from the grid, and apply it to a floor plan of my choosing (Or active view really.) This was why I was dumping to EXCEL to temporarily hold the values. This would allow me to make the next view active, run a new script that simply applies those values to the values already recorded (in Excel) to the current grids in the current view.
The reason it’s can’t populate typical up to each level, is often they’re changing the grids on floor plans now as they move up a building. (Why? I have no idea why they do this these days, paid by the gridline maybe?)

I work for a mechanical contractor, so we are always starting off someone else’s grids thru a linked project. I copy/monitor them into our project, and adjust the appearance per floor from there.

Yeah, it’s terribly hit or miss. Doesn’t seem to do a very good job at all in my experience. I’m wanting to make my grids look typical on each level. Revit doesn’t like consistency or drafting standards, so it kills old guys like me that started on paper and pencil.

@Jason_Parker Mmm…Can you send dummy revit file with only grids on different level. The first level showing levels you need.

Absolutely on the next job setup I do. The model from the Architect we have is pretty large, so I’d strip it first. I’ve gone thru all 19 floors and prepped the grid already though. Yesterday taking those screenshots I notice creating a new view, they were much closer to the original then the first pass.

Has Anyone ended up making a good script for this? Im trying to code the exact same workflow in an addin right now as well.