Grids: Propagate Extents within dynamo - Any Help is appreciated

(Revit 21 / 22 / 23)

Hello all,
I am trying to match grid lines extensions (maybe offsets too) between views.

I do not know Pythion (yet)

I have been trying to use Propagate Extents within a dynamo, but have not found a node for that

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My workflow so far is using Data Shapes Package to Specify the Source View and the Target Views.

Thank you in advance

This is the API to set grid curves, I think genius loci and/or clockwork mignt have a custom node that uses it:

Gavin, thank you for the (particularly quick) response.

I have not yet found a node with Genius Loci or Clockwork to Adjust Grids.

Thanks again