New to Dynamo - Place multiple windows

I’m all new to Dynamo. Using with Revit 2017 right now

I’m trying to inset multiple windows into a wall. From tutorials etc… I have create this small dynamo script, that work well when putting in 1 window. However I wish to place a series of windows, and that I can’t get to work. I have been looking for tutorials or other scripts, for placing multiple windows (or doors) but can find any.

Hope someone can help me :smile:

Hi @hepe9000

Right click on the custom node and change lacing to longest.

I tried that, did not change anything. I changed both the Vector and Hosted node blocks

Hi @hepe9000,

I have done a simple test.
It works for me when i use “Point.ByCoordinates”.


Place Multiple Windows v01.dyn (6.5 KB)

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That worked. Thanks! :smile:

Hi Henrik,

Good to hear this works for you :thumbsup:

Would you mind marking the post as solved, maybe others can also benefit from it.


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