New Material Library export to excel and import to project?

Hi All

What we are trying to do;

We have created a new material library and we would like to replace all the existing materials from our existing revit project to the new and improved materials.
I am trying to export the materials from the library but i am finding it difficult doing so when they have not been used?

I can get the materials imported back in from with the help of Konrad K Sobon Blog…

But I have no idea how to extract the library materials to excel…?

or will i need to create a generic model with the new material? export and then import it back in?
that is possible but we have over 500 materials…

Would like to have some help with this.

Hi @Batman86

Check out clockwork package custom nodes. Below is an example which i replaced in to new material.

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Wouldn’t one use Transfer Project Standards for getting new or existing Materials from one RVT to another?

@truevis Transfer project standards material works if you have same name materials for overriding the existing. It doesn’t allow to reassign to the elements if the material names are different.

Right, so make the new RVT’s Material names the same as the old RVT’s Material names.

Material Asset Names discusses renaming Materials via Dynamo. That may help.

I’m doubting that all aspects of Materials can be accessed via Dynamo since Autodesk Materials are closed-source.

Why not just override material assests using old names that would save time in renaming :wink:

@truevis Almost all the things are accessable in Dynamo :slight_smile: . Could you start a new thread which one you can’t access so that we can have closer look at it.

Thanks everyone, I will have a go at the suggestion you all posted.

Hi All

I have had another look at it today.
and its great what has been provided however using dynamo to extract materials from the library is what i want. see images below of the process i want to utilize Dynamo

Project with not materials(these materials are not in any project they are from a New Material Library on the server)

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Can this be dynamoed?

The Revit API does not allow access to external material libraries. You would have to resort to a clever combination between transferring project standards, copy paste elements with materials assigned, and/or renaming materials.