Create material library from excel using dynamo

Hello to everyone.
I need to create a material library for revit starting from an excel file like this:

I think that dynamo can do it…so you have some ideas?
Each materials need to have almost 4 parameters:

  • code;
  • description;
  • unit;
  • cost.
    Thanks to all

It can quite easily.

First duplicate an existing material, then set parameter values. Clockwork will help with the first step.

Give it a shot - you’ll see it can be quite easy.

how clockwork can help me? can you share an example?

Material.Duplicate node. Give it a shot and let us know where you get stuck. :slight_smile:


I cannot use this node…can you share a screen?

Why can you not use this node?

Here is a screen:

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I don’t know how to

Try and give this a read :slight_smile: How to get help on the Dynamo forums

I did it:

Now I’d like to create a lot of materials starting from an excel file like this:

Find the name column from excel and use that as a list of names in the material.duplicate node. Then use element.setparameterbyname for the other values.