New Excel File by Template - Error

I’m having an issue writing a new excel file from a template. I’m getting the Traceback error below with my script formatted as such:

I’ve dumbed down the inputs as much as possible. The current error occurs when I tie my flattened list into the New File By Template node. If I simply tie my String node Formwork into the Data input, it gives me several new files, one called “F.xls”, one called “o.xls”, one called “r.xls”, and so on, as seen below.


My goal is to have the program grab the template on the first run, recognize that each successive run appends but does not overwrite the last, and creates a new sheet name each successive run with the data on the List.Create function on each sheet.

Any help would be appreciated!


New File Name – > level 2

@Cree-G setting “New File Name” to level 2 is creating one file indeed.

I’m having trouble with the data I want to have on my excel, I’m using a “List.Transpose” as input into the node, but the created excel file has no data at all.

Any help would be appreciated


Some Image or Dynamofile would be great. Share also the Excelfile…

Hey @Cree-G

this is how my dynamo script looks like

here is how the excel data is being exported

Dann wechseln wir zu Deutsch :slight_smile:

Was ist das Problem? Kommen gar keine Daten ins Excel?

Könntest du bei der Grafik beim List.Transpose noch anzeigen wie die Liste genau aussieht? Oder ein Watch dazwischen hängen?


Was mir auffällt. Der “Node” New File by Template, benutze ich nur fürs erstellen der Excelmappe, danach benutze ich fürs exportieren “Data.ExportExcel”

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Hat geklappt, danke!

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Please keep using English to communicate in case other people also have the same problem :slight_smile:
@Cree-G & @ivan.v.oskian


OK :slight_smile:

hey would you possibly share a picture of the complete script?
I’m having the same issues, and my german ins’t that well that i could see what the soluion was :slight_smile: