New File By Template BumbleBee

I’m trying to export data to Excel by using New File By Template but it doens’t work. I get a Traceback at line 54. Does anyone knows how to solve it?

I’m having the exact same error. Did you ever found out the problem?

No I haven’t found the problem.

I try to use this node too but I can’t do it.
Konrad, is it possible to have an exemple to understand how we need to use it?
Look at the .dyn. What shoud I change?

Example_NewFilebyTemplate.dyn (5.0 KB)

Inputs “dataSheetName” and “templateShettName” must be the same?
And why I put “Nouveau” in “newFileName”, Excel file created is only called “N” (first letter of string)?

Hi Benoit,
The input for data seems to be string and it’s look like you have to provide as much filenames as strings in your list of data input.

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Bonjour Alban :wink:
that’s what I finally understood. But this is not my desired use, so I think I will do differently

I’m having a problem with exporting my data to the template file.
If anyone can help me, I’ll be very thankful