Networkx library in Dynamo


Hi fellas, any guess on how to install networkx libaries to be used with IronPyhton?


What’s wrong with it?


I’m not able to install it…:slight_smile:


I assume you followed what’s in the INSTALL.rst file to be found in the package…


Yes, but probably I’m doing something wrong. This is the first time I’m tying to install a package on Ironpython.


I can’t help much since I don’t have time to try myself at this moment, but I’ll be curious of the answers…


Thanks…I’m waiting for someone more skilled in Python :slight_smile:


Could you not reach the authors directly on Github?
We will be interested anyway to follow what’s exposed here, with some more details if possible :slight_smile:


@Cesare_Caoduro3 do you have Python’s pacakage manager installed already?


yes…and it works from Python side


Hi @Cesare_Caoduro3

I don’t think it supports windows.

However you can use “Jupyter” open source web application:

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So I can use from it from dynamo?


Referring to the help documentation, it should be possible to install it on Windows also:


I already installed on Windows, the problem is to use it from Dynamo with IronPython


So, if I get this right, the first question would be: has this feature been updated?



There are couple of things in play here. Hopefully this link helps to explain a little bit:

Python Nodes Basics

Hi Cesare,

You can load files in Jupyter and export the results back.

So you could write the variables into a file from Dynamo, run the Jupyter notebook and read the results again in Dynamo. It’s not the best workflow but I can’t find a better one at the moment.

Please find some Jupyter tips and tricks here:


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Thanks Giovanni,
but this is not what I need :frowning:

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Thanks Konrad, but from this article it seams I’m not able to load this library since is for CPython…


@Cesare_Caoduro3 its not Kinrad its @Konrad_K_Sobon you have spelling error :slight_smile: