The future of Dynamo (for Revit) : Python IronPython?


Hi everybody !
First sorry for all the language mistakes i will make … i’m French (nobody’s perfect … :smile:), second, please be indulgent, i’m a noob.

Then, does anybody have information about the future of Python 2.7.3 and IronPython in Dynamo and Revit ?

Python is now in 3.4.3 version and 2.7 will be stopped soon, no ?

It’s really frustrating that IronPython can’t import some particular Python Modules.

Thanks now for your future answers !



IronPython is required to work with .NET and .NET is required to work with Revit API. The latest version of Iron Python is


@Ahamkara I believe your talking about Cpython. Dynamo uses the .Net based ironPython implementation and thus does not support CPython.


Thank you for your answers and their precision.

For you, the fact that IronPython doesn’t support CPython is not limiting ?

For example, I tried to use a SVN python package (PySvn) (to get Revision number of Revit files) inside Dynamo but it didn’t work. Maybe I did not do the right thing …
But it works outside Dynamo and i create a Excel File readable in Dynamo (there is allways a solution :sweat_smile:)

I have to progress understanding the IronPython implementation and the possibilities it offer… so, i’ll be back :slight_smile:

Great thanks.

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Networkx library in Dynamo

This is very interesting discussion. I also would like to be able to use Tkinter modules but current version of IronPython does not support it. In fact we have today latest version IronPython 2.7.7rc2 I can see that works started on IronPython 3. Unfortunately not much progress happening right now.

We are trying to get a good final 2.7 release out and then will be focusing on IronPython3. I would hope to have something usable by the end of the year (there are many changes we need to implement).

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Python : Tkinter module

While you cannot use Tkinter, with IronPython you can use WPF or winforms

Here are some examples for winforms and WPF using Python I have been working on:

And here is what they look like:


@Gui_Talarico thanks a lot, I really like this forum! so many helpful people :slight_smile:


@Gui_Talarico did you do with BackgroundWorker in ironpython.
I have import BackgroundWorker from System.ComponentModel, but the backgroundWorker object does not content DoWork and RunWorkerCompleted events.


Hi @thachnh83
To make it easier for others to help, I would suggest you start a new post (this thread is 1+ years old and also not related to your question)