Need Help with obtaining start / end XYZ and writing to Excel

Greetings all. I am new to Dynamo and utilizing the application for the purposes of test automation for our application. I attempted to utilize Peter’s graph from here

I am having some issues with getting the excel formatting correct. I could be wrong but it appears the list.join is not concatenating the two list, but i could be way off. Any help is appreciated! I cannot upload the .dyn as i am a new user. Hopefully a screen will work

  • Dynamo 1.30

For a second request. I am looking for a way to draw straight lengths of pipe, duct, cable tray, conduit etc. Ideally i would like to be able to draw a connected run with changes in direction. I have not found much. Any direction is appreciated.

Being a new user i can only post 1 image, here is my issue in excel

Hi Gilga - Please can you put a watch node at the list.join node, so we can see the list structure that has been created? Also please start your second question in a new thread.


Hi Azubike,

My apologies for trying to include too much. I will start a new thread.
Here is a screen capture with the watch node added. Thank you in advance!

The two watch nodes shown are a single Watch node. I could not expand it fully to show the entire contents

I have continued to trouble shoot this to no avail. I have attached a .dyn file in hopes of shedding some light on this. I thank you all in advance

Coordinates.dyn (20.9 KB)

Here you go, I used only OOTB nodes, no custom packages.
Coordinates.dyn (13.9 KB)


Thank you greatly for your assistance. I will download the attached dyn and learn from my mistakes. Your solution is much more elegant and preformed with far fewer nodes.

Hey Gilga - Can you also attach the revit file? You seem to have nulls coming out from the list.join as shown above but i am not exactly sure where it is coming from. If you cannot share your revit file, please put a watch node at both list.transpose nodes. Also as seen below, you can reduce how often you use list create by using commas to separate the items and curly bracket to put them in a list.