Dynamo to Excel: Create an Excel file for spot coordinate

Im trying to make an excel file of spot coordinates of model elements(mainly assets).
I had reached to file one phase of generating XYZ coordinates in Watch node.
Next part of creating an excel, im putting a value in string node but it is not generating. I had typed in variables like x, X, projectPosition.EastWest, EastWest, .EastWest, Name, East, x= projectPosition.EastWest.
Below are the screenshots.

[Wetransfer link for dynamo file reference]
I dont know how to proceed further. Please put your valuable suggestion. It would be thoughtful for me

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@Nissal Dynamo Points don’t have a parameter

Ok. so how should i proceed?
To make that watch box as an excel file.

-Thank you for your response salvatoredragotta :blush:

@Nissal I’m not sure what you are trying to do. if you just need the x,y,z just use Point.X, Point.Y, Point.Z nodes

I will clear again. XYZ are spot coordinates of elements. As in revit it shows North East of an element.Z is the height.
Trying to make that in excel format.

I had tried your inputs Point.X , Point.x, point.X, point.x, Point_X, Point=X (with all caps small also)

@Nissal are you using nodes?

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I didnt tried that. I havent seen how to use that.

I was referring to youtube link for dynamo.

At 9.10, he used the same string node and generated his output.


image bit blur. he typed Name in string node and got his room names in output

Try it and see if you get what you want

Point.X isn’t a variable you can call using the GetParameterValueByName node, it is its own node/method.

GetParameterValueByName is mostly used to get parameters from Revit elements, not Dynamo geometry.

You can get parameters of Dynamo geometry using built-in nodes, as seen here: http://dictionary.dynamobim.com/#/Geometry/Point/Query/X


Hi tried to used to point X node.
Still not getting how to connect these values in excel formatdoubt%205

@Nissal Exporting to excel is very trivial. Search this forum or google it.



Maybe don’t over think it?


If you want the Mark you can do this…


And if you want headers, you can do this…


If you want the location as separate columns, here’s an alternative approach if you’re interested…


Hopefully that’s enough to get you going…

Don’t be afraid to just play with the settings.



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Spot Coordinate v 1.0.dyn (24.3 KB)

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Mark.Ackerley salvatoredragotta kennyb6 ashwinash112 Big thank you to all of you. Resolved my query. :slight_smile:
-Cheers :partying_face: