Need Help with Dynamo Script for Creating Voids Not Working in Revit

Hello, I need your help. I’m having a tough time with a Dynamo script that, on paper, is “functional” (the Dynamo script encounters no errors and shows that the program has run successfully) but it doesn’t work in Revit. The purpose of my Dynamo script is to automatically create voids in walls at the location of windows or potentially other elements in the future. To simplify, I tried it with just one window. I also experimented with different elements like doors or frames. In my Dynamo configuration, if I add another family type like a bed or a shower tray, it appears, proving that I’m in the right place, but still, my void creation doesn’t work. I’ve tried several types of voids, but none have been successful. I can share my Dynamo script with you, but it’s in the French version, so you might not understand some of the parameter names. What would be your solution? Thanks in advance.
résa fenêtre propre.dyn (61.8 KB)

I can have a look at some point tomorrow.

Here I have to advertise an add-in which I have no association with. The reason for doing so is, that I’ve created a set of scripts for importing and synchronizing openings between models. It works wonderfully, but it took me about 2-3 years to develop to the point where it is reliable and has the functionality I need. I’m exchanging between 10000 and 50000 openings on large projects. Maybe your projects are a bit smaller, or you need a quick one-off solution just for initial placement. That’s still some work, but I’ll also say, it’s very rewarding once you get things working. So, if you want the shortcut, you can pay for the add-in, which is probably costing you less than the time you might need to develop scripts with the same functionality.

On the other hand, you probably have been bit by the dynamo bug, and want to solve your problem for additional reasons.

I’d be happy to help either way, but I also have to recommend checking out the convoid addin for revit.

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Thank you for your response. I started again from a blank file and I’m getting closer to the goal by advancing step by step. I use Dynamo as a complement and I am relatively new to this process, so I will “persevere” a bit more ^^ I will send you a message in this discussion next week if needed. Thank you very much!

I didn’t mean you needed to start from scratch, just that users often take on ambitious scripts and end up spending a lot more time and money on it than it would cost to purchase existing solutions.

If you want to learn dynamo, then of course, you will learn A LOT through trying to get scripts working.

If you have access to management’s ear, and they are willing to spend the money for existing solutions, and they are needed right away…that’s probablythe best way to go. You will also have to maintain your scripts, and they can’t be used on every project “out of the box” and will probably be overtaken by the existing solutions for big-bim projects anyways.

I only wanted to make you aware that the effort you put in, may not be returned…at least not on the script you are working on.

Good luck! The forum is happy to help you when you run into problems. I wouldn’t be able to do anything in dynamo without the forum…a lot of brilliant people are here and they are generally very eager to help. :slight_smile:

I succeeded! The creation is now done automatically and as I wished. All that’s left is to refine the script to add options and specific parameters, but I finally made it :slight_smile:

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