Need help Floor Finish with spicy Tricks

Hello Dynamo challngers
i need your help and orientation to solve this or upgrade this work flow by taking this point in considération
set floor finish by room
2nd this floor contain area above doors of room
3rd floor need to be created whatever the opening side of doors
4th this floor created also when this contation multiple wall layers speratly dos’nt matter orientation
PS: i tried to upgrade the scirpt from this post this script link Finish Floor with Door - #15 by DynaGirlBIM
Thank you

I think you have picked an interesting problem to start learning Dynamo. I remember when I started learning it I built a few geometry based scripts to understand the logic. It was a good few months before I began making any useful scripts I could use for my work.

In general this forum is designed to help you solve your problems with scripts you are making but we can’t do the whole thing from beginning to end. To get more help you need to show what you have done first.

Start with this FREE training course by DiRoots.

thank you Sir i solved 60 % of what i need you can check it on link

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