Need help developing a script

Smoke is instance and Fire Rating is Type

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You are close to what I want. How can we incorporate the smoke parameter. so that we have the following

0hr - do nothing
0hr smoke - load smoke line family (smoke parameter is on)
1hr - load 1 hr line family (smoke parameter is off)
1hr smoke - load 1 hr smoke family (smoke is on)
2 hr - load 2 hr line family (smoke is off)
2 hr smoke - load 2hr smoke family (smoke is on)
3 hr - load 3 hr family (smoke is off)

It isn’t a matter of only getting the walls with the smoke rating, I need ones with and without because that determines if it gets the applicable smoke line.

Hmm, I will have to look later. I included the graph so you are very able to investigate it too. I believe I gave you a good starting point.

You have I will play around with it. Thanks for the help

That’s one of many ways showing how you can group them before you apply your final input.

then you can follow what @john_pierson did to place the lines

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I have attached my attempt at your method. A few things, I am getting dictionary errors I am assuming because my lists are combined lists and not single entries.

Second I do not have the FamilyInstance.byline node.

I need to load in the detail line families that I will be using. Any thoughts on what I need to do to get this to work.

Thanks again for the help

Check this quick and dirty workaround for this

hope it helps!

I got it to work, I just did a simple a+b code block

How would I set it up so that it only selects the walls visible in the current view, and applies the line based detail component only in this view.


I believe that I have set everything up like you have shown. However my Dictionary is only reading the first family type, and is getting null for the rest of them.

Also is there a way to select only the walls in the view. because currently it is grabbing the second floor walls too.

Is there a way to apply the line based detail components only to the current view.


I have the script figured out. However, the Families are not being placed in the Revit Model. Does it have to do with the fact that these are detail components, and it seems like they are being placed like model components. Not sure if this has any affect on it.

That shouldn’t affect it.It seemed to simply place them in the active view for me. Also flatten both of your outputs from the list.create nodes to the dictionary. That should fix the null values.

I did flatten it and it is returning the correct values.

The families are not being placed. I have attached my script.

Fire Rating Script.dyn (44.7 KB)

Can you share family as well?

DTL_Fire Rating.rfa (300 KB)

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hate to do this, but do you have sample file as well? This makes it quicker for me to look at

The file is too large to upload. I am trying to get it smaller

Yeah, if you just generate a file with one view with your wall types placed that will help. Also feel free to email a link, I just want to make sure I am testing under your same conditions.

I emailed it to you John

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