Navisworks rulesets like Solibri / Python

Hi I’ve got a question about Navisworks, I’m looking into it and was wondering if there are similar functions like Solibri. I can’t find any clear information about this.
I’m an advanced Solibri user at the moment, kind of like a wizard with the ability to generate clash results that are incredibly useful.

In example, in Solibri there are rules available to very the value of parameters in objects. I stack these with an intersection rule, this way I can verify if the information added to objects is correct.

An example:

We ask in our information requirement that objects have a parameter containing the building number for our quantity takeoff, for like an appartment building.

The ifcSpace also has the parameter of the building number, for example A001. The objects (ifcWall for example) also should have a parameter “building number: A001”. In order to verify if parameters have the correct value I stack the rules in Solibri.
The way I stack this rule is first I use an intersection rule to pass all objects that intersect the space to a second rule. In the second rule I verify the objects intersecting with the IfcSpace have a parameter that says “Building number A001”. If the parameter does not exist or contains a different value, the objects are returned as a clash result.

Another example is checking coverage of concrete on MEP models. You can check the coverage of concrete on the top and bottom (or sides) of these MEP objects, like ventilation. Are these things possible in Navisworks, perhaps by using Python? I’d really like to know.

@YungPadawan I do not think this is the right forum to answer your questions, I think Solibri is more versatile than Navisworks, but this is just me;
Regarding your first question you can make a clash detection using specific “search sets” (search sets are almost like Solibri’s rulesets, and you can stack them) to check the intersecting elements with the spaces.
Not sure about your second question, but while using the Clash Detective, there is a Type for Clearance, maybe this is what you are after for.

I think you can do it in navis, but you need do it with C#.
With python, you can research use NavisPythonShell and explore, but remind that, Autodesk has stop patch and add feature for navis from 2022, you can search solution with forge or other solution use ifc, may be good for future

Thanks for your response, I’ve also asked this question on the Autodesk forums but haven’t gotten any replies yet.
Is there also an option to verify parameters? In example, object X has to have Parameter B and that parameter has to contain value C?
Clearance is not exactly what I’m looking for, although it’s good to know that this type of clashes are possible. It’s also something I use often atm in Solibri.
Here’s an example of what I meant:

These are the parameters set, to ensure there’s a certain amount of concrete coverage on top of the ventilation duct.

Results are generated when the distance from top of object to top of object it is inside of isn’t sufficient.

There’s also dimension lines being generated to visually check the coverage.

Are clashes like these possible in Navisworks?

What do you mean they stopped adding features? So basically navisworks won’t be updated with new additions such as new clash rules for example?

So I’d have to learn C#? There’s no way to implement certain things using Python?

What do you mean with forge?

@YungPadawan the Clearance Type with the Tolerance value set as per your intent will do exactly what you are after, but again, Solibri has more options to play with.

I was just wondering if both programs have the same capabilities.

Do you perhaps know about information validation? The part about checking parameters?

What about doing checks like: spaces need to have an object as boundary (not having an object as boundary could mean a wall has been deleted or a missing window)
Checks like escape route analysis?
Horizontal structures are guarded vertically (against falling)?