Dynamo to Excel Export - Excel data is not as per List generated

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to export Revit doors with room names to excel. I managed to get the information using “Door.Rooms”. Everything was well without any errors, but when I am trying to export the data into Excel, I see only fewer data.

In the Dynamo I had given AddItemToFront and a few more inputs. I see nothing in Excel.

Would appreciate it if someone could let me help where I went wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Home-1.dyn (28.6 KB)

How do you expect Excel can show you a list with 4 levels of data in a 2D space (Rows & Columns)?

Clean up your data list into a list of lists with data, and probably use a transpose node to get a format you want in Excel.

Use the search function on this forum, excel import/export is probably the most talked about subject here.

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This is a complete list problem. You need to edit your lists.
There are hundreds of topics related to this issue within the forum.