Navisworks failed to load library

Hello there!

I´m trying to create selection sets in naviswork via dynamo. I use dynaworks to get the Navis nodes I want, and I’m tying to import a new library with a single method to create selection sets from this nodes, wich dynaworks does’t have.

The problem is that I get the typical failed to load library error.The issue is with the external reference Naviswork.Api.dll . The console shows the following:

No se puede cargar el archivo o ensamblado ‘Autodesk.Navisworks.Api.dll’ ni una de sus dependencias. No se puede encontrar el módulo especificado.
(Specified module can’t be found)

The dll file is in the same folder as the package dll. And I already unblocked it through Power Shell. Also, embbebed interop and specific version are set to false in the VS project

Does anyone knows what it can be? Could it be “incompatible” with the Navisworks Interop API, wich the Dynaworks Package uses?

Thank u all in advanced,

Are you using the right Dynaworks version for your Navisworks version?

Yes, dynaworks works with no problem at all. Is my zero touch node wich has the issue.
Dynaworks19 uses “Interop.NavisworksAutomationAPI16.dll” and “Interop.NavisworksIntegratedAPI16.dll”. This package loads
And I’m trying to use “Autodesk.Navisworks.Api.dll” from “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Navisworks Manage 2019”. This is the package that gets the fail to load library.