Navis works to Revit elements

Hi, Ive been on a mission to get google maps 3d data into revit for context in enscape. As far as I can get is pull from infraworks to navis works to coordination model in revit but enscape dosnt read coordination models. Are there any packages to pick up data from the coordination model to create a topo, building masses and subregions?

I know there is dynamaps but it is pulling from very unreliable height data of buildings from open maps

hmm can i break down the elements from DB.Solid? and create them in dynamo?

I believe that Infraworks uses a variety of data sources- but for roads & buildings, it uses OpenStreetMap
(same as Dynaworks) i.e the resulting model should be the same

I’m assuming you are using FBX format to transfer from Infraworks–>Navisworks

Without having tried it- my guess would be that the Infraworks–>Navisworks–>Revit/Enscape workflow is not ideal, and that you’d be better off generating the geometry directly in Revit

Interesting, when I get time I can show you the 3 generated maps to compare (google, dyna, infra). I’m sure dynamaps showed the buildings 3 or 4 times bigger then they were. Ill do some more tests.

Issue of units ?

Openstreetmap uses SI units- so guess this means Revit/Dynamo need to be using metres

Google Maps

Infraworks. Removed building location


Dynamps just seems to be way off. I think its because openmaps uses user specified building heights. Also never wants to draw roads


I was wondering if I used a bunch of map pics and used recap pro to make a point cloud, could I then make masses with the point cloud. Think @Ewan_Opie might have developed some point cloud packages for this?

@vanman my package currently deals with existing pointclod information but one of my current wip nodes may assist here soon :wink:

But a Google Earth photogrammetry -> pointcloud -> surface/mass is actually something I have done before for scoping a project (was only a month or two ago).

Alas, I am out for training all day tmw but will endeavor to post an example of how dynamo can assist in this workflow :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dynamaps is fantastic in that it is easy to use.
However, OSM data is quite variable- depending where you are, certain objects will or will not have certain attributes.
For example, for a city block in my town of Sydney, only 3 of the buildings have a ‘height’ attribute.
However, nearly all have a ‘building:levels’ attribute

It may not help you- but in this case, you can use GIS2BIM/Elk packages to extract this data- I’ve estimated each level as being 4000mm

I suggest looking at the raw OSM data to see what attributes each building has
& you might be able to either identify the problem, or use a different attribute