Dynamo GIS map to volumes in Revit using Elk

gps maps to Dynamo Elk mapping.dyn (203.7 KB)

Hi everyone

Dynamo beginner here. Im using the Elk package and tried to create way to extrude volumes from GIS maps to Revit floors…
Couldn’t figure out a way to generate mass instead of floors, any ideas?
Also it would be great to get the hang of how to extrude the building volumes to the actual heights, and to get the OSM features like ‘highways’ to patch the surface properly, now is closing the polygons in a weird way which creates a lot of triangular shapes instead of rectangular surfaces…

Thanks in advance!


ImportInstance.ByGeometries is one way…

Have a look here…

I don’t know if you get enough vector info from OSM to do highways, the buildings are there but that’s the majority of it? I’d like to find out though :slight_smile: Topography would be another thing…

Hope that helps,


Thanks will give this a try!
I can see however you are using some nodes I cant find… the boundingbox in the beginning? and also Im not finding the DownloadOSM

The second option uses a .shp file? Is this some conversion from a .dwg or how do you find it?

Thank you


Perhaps the GIS2BIM package? It’s great :slight_smile:

That’s a bit more involved… in the UK we have LIDAR info which is open source. Having downloaded it, I used QGIS (also open source) I could export .shp files which included the building footprint & height.

In other countries it’s possible to use NASA information for height… I’ve obviously not really used it, but here’s a link that might be useful to you… https://dynamonodes.com/2016/06/14/workflow-srtm-data-to-topography-in-revit/



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Great, thanks i found the package in Dynamo!
QGIS homepage is down for some reason…

If you’re keen on QGIS I wrote a step by step guide, let me know how you get on…

I tried feeding my own OSM file into the OSM. location and it works somewhat
Unfortunately it results in polygons only, not in solids… Any ideas?

Maybe show us further down your graph? I tried a few different ways of getting the solids, you could also try curve extrude as solid?

Sorry, forgot to mention the whole graph is exactly the same as yours here:
The only thing I changed is I skipped the GIS2BIM and fed the OSM directly to the Location node.

Yeah, so you could try extrude as solid on the polycurve you made?

I dont know exactly how (I think i disconnected the SolidbyLoft node and plugged it back on :smiley:)
But it seems that I got it somehow to work by feeding an OSM file from openstreetmap.org then I seem to even got some heights correct? (could have been like that by default, haven’t inspected the previous experiments in this way) but this is what I got:

Most of the heights seem correct, the ones that are not are easily partial exploded and pulled/pushed:

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There is a Levels ‘parameter’ in OSM but you only get it if the inputter added that info… last time I tried I got 4 out of 200! you were more lucky :slight_smile:

Hi again
I had to factory reset my laptop and had to reinstall Revit, suddenly im getting trouble with exactly the same Dynamo version and input…Any ideas what do I owe this to?


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Hi All,
I would really appreciate some help with this, my attempt to edit @Mark.Ackerley 's graph is attached. I’m getting a warning right at the beginning at the “Shape.GetAllShapesInAllRecords” Node; “Cannot make a PolyCurve from an empty list”
Any advice would be very much appreciated!

QGIS Building Heights.dyn (54.0 KB)